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Location: Arkansas and Searcy County, Arkansas
Month of Photograph: July and October
Distribution Map: Croton capitatus - Distribution Map Spacer
USDA, NRCS. 2012. The PLANTS Database (, 16 January 2012). National Plant Data Team, Greensboro, NC 27401-4901 USA. Spacer Guests can be assured that there is established evidence that this plant has been found in all of the green filled counties of Arkansas. However, the white filled counties should not be interpreted as counties in which this plant does not grow. They should instead be interpreted as counties which lack officially sanction evidence of the plants presence there.

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Flower, lateral view, pistallate (female flower)

Croton capitatus - x "
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Croton capitatus - Flower Flower, staminate (male flower)

Actually, this plant had received hogwort for its name some time before J.K. Rowlings chose it as a name for her story's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In an interview Ms. Rowlings was asked, "How do you come up with names?"

Ms. Rowlings responded, "Some I make up. Some mean something. Dumbledore is olde English for bumblebee. I thought I made up Hogwarts, but recently a friend said, 'Remember we saw lilies in Kew gardens (a garden in London.)' Apparently there are lilies there called Hogwarts. I'd forgotten!"

Hogwort may not truly be a lily, but the plant itself, the plants name and the 'Hogworts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" do all seem to have a similar kind of eerieness to them. That they have come together in this serendipitous way just further extends the eerieness of it all.

Croton capitatus - Whole Plant Whole Plant
Croton capitatus - LeafLeaf, adaxial
Croton capitatus - staminate flower Flower, staminate (male flower)
Croton capitatus - Pistallate Flower Flower, pistallate
Croton capitatus - Stem Stem
Croton capitatus - Stem Stem
Croton capitatus - Leaf AdaxialLeaf, adaxial
Croton capitatus - Leaf Base AdaxialLeaf Base with Trichomes (hairs), adaxial


Croton capitatus - Leaf Trichomes Leaf Trichomes
Both Dr. George Yatskievych and Dan Tenaglia refer to the trichomes (hairs) on this plant as "densely stellate pubescent". For my money, if that is the phrase that the two of them use to describe the hairy surface of this leaf then "densely stellate pubescent" is what it should be and shall be called for ever more. .
Croton capitatus - LeafLeaf, adaxial