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Location: Searcy County, Arkansas
Month of Photograph: July and October
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USDA, NRCS. 2012. The PLANTS Database (, 16 January 2012). National Plant Data Team, Greensboro, NC 27401-4901 USA. Spacer Guests can be assured that there is established evidence that this plant has been found in all of the green filled counties of Arkansas. However, the white filled counties should not be interpreted as counties in which this plant does not grow. They should instead be interpreted as counties which lack officially sanction evidence of the plants presence there.

Family: Convolvulaceae

Flower, frontal view close up

Cuscuta Spp. - Flower Close "
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Cuscuta Spp. - Habitat Habitat

Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) tells us that the common name for this plant is "dodder". However, Wikipedia gives a more interesting list of"folk names".

I have to say that I find Wikipedia's list just a whole lot more fun.

devil's guts, devil's hair, devil's ringlet, goldthread, hailweed, hairweed, hellbine, love vine, pull-down, strangleweed, angel hair, and witch's hair

Cuscuta Spp. - Whole Plant Whole Plant

There are a remarkable number of species in this genus, and it seems that very slight differences in the flowers makes one plant enough different from the others that it must be identified as a unique species. Then there is the fact that the flowers are so small that they have to be examined under a microscope for identification. Dr. Mihai Costea of Laurier University in Ontario, Canada sets the number of cuscuta species above two hundred, and he has the smell of someone who really knows. If you are interested in Cuscuta you have to see this guy's web site. I can hardly believe it.

For obvious reasons, I have not tried to identify the species name for this plant. Truth is, that would be way beyond my expertise - even beyond my imagined expertise.

Cuscuta Spp. - StemStem

Cuscuta Spp. - Flower Close Flower, close
Cuscuta Spp. - Flower Flowers, close (both male and female)
Cuscuta Spp. - StemStem
Cuscuta Spp. - Flowers Close Flowers, close