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Location: Searcy County, Arkansas
Month of Photograph: March
Distribution Map: Helianthus divaricatus - Distribution Map Spacer
USDA, NRCS. 2012. The PLANTS Database (http://plants.usda.gov, 16 January 2012). National Plant Data Team, Greensboro, NC 27401-4901 USA. Spacer Guests can be assured that there is established evidence that this plant has been found in all of the green filled counties of Arkansas. However, the white filled counties should not be interpreted as counties in which this plant does not grow. They should instead be interpreted as counties which lack officially sanction evidence of the plants presence there.

Family: Asteraceae

Flower, lateral view

Helianthus divaricatus - x "
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Helianthus divaricatus - Frontal View Flower, frontal view
Helianthus divaricatus - StemStem
Helianthus divaricatus - Stem and Leaves Stem and Leaves
Helianthus divaricatus - Leaf Leaf
Helianthus divaricatus - Leaf Close Leaf with Hispid (short and stiff) Trichomes (hairs)
Let's face it. It is tough learning the botanists' myriad terms for the various types of hair-like things that can pop-out on a plant. There seems to be somewhere between twenty-five and thirty-five different terms that are used to describe these hairs. When you look up one of the terms in a plant glossary the definitions (and even illustrations) are often hard to make sense of. Beyond that, there is anything but universal agreement between botanists as to what some of these terms actually mean. So what can we do? Every chance that I get, I try to observe these hair things as carefully as I can then read as many descriptions of the plant as I can find -- noting the terms that the experts use for what I have just observed.
Helianthus divaricatus - Leaf CloseHispid Trichomes, close up
Helianthus divaricatus - Entire PlantEntire Plant
Helianthus divaricatus - Entire Plant Entire Plant
Helianthus divaricatus - Upper PlantUpper Plant
Helianthus divaricatus - Plant and Friend