Blue to Violet Choices
I would like to see all the thumbnails for the plants in this collection that have blue to violet flowers.

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There are no blue to purple flowers with whorled leaves in this collection yet.

Definitions of the four types of Leaf Arrangement used here.

  • On a plant with leaves arranged "alternately", each single leaf or branch attaches to a spot(node)on the stem with no leaf on the other side. Leaves attach to their own spot(node) on the stem, but always alone. As you move up or down the stem, the leaves alternate from one side of the stem to the other - thus, "Leaves Alternate".

  • "Leaves Opposite" refers to a leaf arrangements of which two leaves or branches attach to the same area(node) of the stem but on opposite sides of the stem.

  • "Leaves Whorled" is the leaf arrangement in which three or more leaves are all attached to a single area (node) on the stem and point out in different directions.

  • For those plants whose leaves all (or nearly all) come right from the ground, botanists say, "Leaves Basal".