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Here, in My Thoughts, you will find a number of articles about plants and photographing plants. This spot is my chance to talk about... well, write about... all of those plant ideas which my mind has rolled and turned upon, poked and pondered, ideas that I have never had a chance to talk about before, ideas from botany so gripping that I cannot shake loose from them, plant imaging ideas that I have tried that didn't work and ideas that did.

Before this web site there was no one with which I dared share my thinking and observations. After all, I might reveal just how little I know about plants and photography. But now, under cover of the internet, I am free to set these ideas free to travel where they will without risking distain. Foolish or not, who will care? Boring or not, who will care? Those requiring more or better will not be obligated to read them, nor will I be obligated to offer any apology for them.

Why Plant Photography

The precipitous collapse of the number of plant species world wide has created a great an urgent need to identify and collect the seeds for as many previously undescribed plants as we possibly can. To loose so many plant genomes would be a great tragedy. So many things that we humans use began in the cell chemistry of some little obscure plant. Such a goal – to identify the rest of the plant species before our encroachment on their space ends in their extinction – is a huge task. There are simply not nearly enough plant experts alive to tackle such a goal. To have any kind of chance botany will have to turn to armies of volunteers – people without the indepth training of a botanist. How could it be possible for such a group of amatuer botanists to go into the field and effectively locate rare plants?

I am going to leave the detailed answer to that question to those who know about the organization of field surveys. However, I am sure that the tools that this army of volunteers will need to do their job will have to include "visual keys" and if they are to have any training before they begin there will need be many species sets of live plant images.

“the current extinction rate is now approaching 1,000 times the background rate and may climb to 10,000 times the background rate during the next century, if present trends continue [resulting in] a loss that would easily equal those of past extinctions.” Enviornmmental News Network

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