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Location: Searcy County, Arkansas
Month of Photograph: June through October
Distribution Map: Verbascum thapsus - Distribution Map Spacer
USDA, NRCS. 2012. The PLANTS Database (, 16 January 2012). National Plant Data Team, Greensboro, NC 27401-4901 USA. Spacer Guests can be assured that there is established evidence that this plant has been found in all of the green filled counties of Arkansas. However, the white filled counties should not be interpreted as counties in which this plant does not grow. They should instead be interpreted as counties which lack officially sanction evidence of the plants presence there.

Family: Scrophulariaceae


Verbascum thapsus - Inflorescence
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Verbascum thapsus - Basal Rosette (Leaves) Basal Rosette (1st year plant)

"During the 1st year, this adventive or introduced biennial plant consists of a rosette of basal leaves about 1-2' across. During the 2nd year, it becomes 3-7' tall and is usually unbranched. Occasionally, one or two side stems may develop in the upper half of the plant. These stems are covered with downy white hairs. The alternate leaves are up to 12" long and 4" across, becoming progressively smaller and more narrow as they ascend the central stem. They are obovate or oblong-ovate, smooth or slightly crenate along the margins (which are sometimes wavy), and covered with fine downy hairs. The lower leaves taper gradually to a narrow winged base, while the upper leaves are partially decurrent against the stem. The dense branched hairs provide the foliage with a color that is whitish or greyish green. The central stem terminates in a dense spike of flowers about ½–2' long."

Hilty, J. Editor. 2012. Illinois Wildflowers. World Wide Web electronic publication., version 08/2012.

Verbascum thapsus - Upper PlantUpper Plant
Verbascum thapsus - Whole Plant Whole Plant
Verbascum thapsus - Tip of InflorescenceInflorescence
Verbascum thapsus - Flower Frontal View Flower, frontal view
Verbascum thapsus - Stem and LeavesStem and Leaves
Verbascum thapsus - Stem Stem and Decurrent Leaf Base
When a leaf attaches to the stem in a way in which part of that leaf extends on down the stem, the leaf is said to be "decurrent".
Verbascum thapsus - Leaf Adaxial Leaf, adaxial


Verbascum thapsus - Leaf AbaxialLeaf, abaxial
Leaf Trichomes (hairs), close
Verbascum thapsus - Leaf Trichomes Close

Flowers, frontal view
Verbascum thapsus - Flower Frontal View